TheGem - so many issues - please help

Current issue: updated to latest version, now all colors are wonky in live view; but in Theme Options, all colors are correct. How would I go about fixing it under the hood if it’s correct there?

Ongoing issue:

  1. Image and slider images are skewed in mobile, even though they were not set to squish like that.
  2. There’s a ton of space from the bottom of my header, to where content starts. How can this be edited out without altering the CSS? Is there a setting in Theme Options that will do it?
  3. No matter how I size the logo, and in various formats, it’s always blurry. Won’t let me upload .svg, so I’m at a loss on how to keep a large (500px wide) logo nice and crisp, like my original file.

Help on these issues is most appreciated!

Also have trouble with NEWS articles - pages won’t load and are redirected to 404.

Current Issue solved: copy/pasted current top nav color into Color/Theme Options and saved it. All colors back to normal.

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Hi, would you be so kind to contact our support at and provide your URL and wp-admin access details, we will check, what is going on. Thank you


Only item addressed was the margin - thanks! That helped a ton.

Now my biggest issue are skewed images on mobile. It defaults to squish every image, in slideshows, testimonial portraits or stand alone images.

  1. WHY is non-proportion a default in the first place?!!!
  2. WHERE can I find the global control that is doing this? I’ve looked everywhere within the wp and theme options, customize, settings, etc. PLEASE HELP. Can’t go live with the site until mobile is fixed.

I tried adding extra css:
gem-wrapbox-element img-responsive



NOTHING! What is the deal with this theme? Who sets device/responsive defaults to non-proportionate settings?

Hi, please be so kind to understand, that we provide our support only via our support system at Please, resubmit all your questions and issues there and our support colleagues will assist you asap. Thank you!

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