Need Help with Goodwish Edge Issues!

Hey, listen, I purchased Goodwish last year and was in tears for most of two months trying to figure it out. I read the tutorials and couldn’t get what I wanted to display most of the time.

I want to do a few simple things and can’t, even though I go into the elements options and change the settings I’m supposed to use to make the changes. I also have attempted to work with the css editor and changed the color there, but nothing happens. I think there’s a problem with the theme. When I look at the code in the backend, it shows errors all over the place, errors that are already there and I have no idea why.

AGain, the theme is Goodwish, and I’m trying to have my logo show in the size I created it. I don’t know where to resize this, aside from the code ".edgtf-logo-wrapper a img.edgtf-light-logo” but nothing happens.

I also want to change the color for the “border-top” on the dropdown menu ".edgtf-drop-down .edgtf-menu-second” and nothing works. Not through the edge options in WP, or the theme editor. NOTHING!

Why is this so difficult to use? Please help me make these simple changes.

Thank you,


That theme is from a very recognised author @Edge-Themes so I would expect it to all be in good shape.

Are you definitely using the up to date version of the theme, WordPress itself and the hosting PHP?

If the purchase was under 6 months ago then it’s definitely worth reaching out to the authors support here.

if you resize the logo to your created logo original size then the top header navigation will break.
you can give a try to use the following css (I think logo size height 32px will not break the design):

.edgtf-page-header .edgtf-menu-area .edgtf-logo-wrapper a {
    height: 32px !important;

you can use the following css:

.edgtf-drop-down .edgtf-menu-second {
   border-top: 3px solid #ffb422 !important;

replace color code #ffb422 with your chosen color code.


I have also recently purchased goodwish and struggling trying to make changes. It is not easy at all. I have tried YouTube videos, multiple interfaces for updates (WPbakery, editor and Elementor). I’m spinning my wheels. Should i go with a different template? I love the theme, but its not intuitive to figure out, nor standard with the guidance on the web across multiple learning platforms. I am trying to do this without experience though.

please contact theme author and let them know. theme author will be very happy to assist you.

How to contact an author: