The Sales Monitor 2

You hit the point :cowboy_hat_face:, In this case what I do to increase my sales in normal circumstances ?

Upload more content that’s in demand based on this?


That are search keywords and they are not so relevant to the most wanted content :slightly_smiling_face:
How do you know what kind of Background customers are searching for etc…?

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Obviously it’s not perfect, but at least it gives you some direction :smiley:

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Exactly, at least it gives us a hint of what are users mostly searching about…

Thanks &Atamotion &pxlzero &miseld

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Well, feel free to PM me every month or so, it’s not an issue for me to send these over to you :smiley:

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Keep in mind that this data shows past keywords. What is on trend tonight, you may just quess of course some keywords stay on top for pretty long. I would advice you to take a copy of this list for the next season (just ignore these related to covid as it might be un popular next year).


How did you find this data? can you share a link here it is. although perhaps it’s only accessible to elements authors, im not sure

I tried the link. Redirects to I think some authors can see. Thank you.

it is only for EE authors and this data is gathered from EE searches.

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This is my June sales. From Motion Graphics category items.

(Btw, my portfolio accepted in Elements by June 10th and so far that doesn’t make any impact in VH sales)


Do you think there is a connection between sales in Envato Market and Element? I don’t think so, They are both a seperated marketplace

I don’t know what happened for Envato :frowning: :frowning:

I think there are many professional buyers and youtubers which needed more content regulary, so they simply migrated to elements where they can get more for less money.

Right after I joined Elements my VH sales decreased with 25% aprox.

But there are many other reasons for the sales drop.


If I was a customer, I would do so.
but do you think good loyal nich may help their author as I saw many author has very high sales.

Probably those authors are very creative and they have very unique projects and animations.

We could do so but the problem making nich is a process of a new world for us as it need time and dedecation like one or two years to make strong base through social media. The big role here is for team a think to make so, what do you think?

Dashboard says:
Fun fact - Your last sale $25 was 12 days ago.

Where is the fun ?