The Sales Monitor 2

My earning graph last 6 years, it’ horrible now videohive. Also, had a hope on elements till last June but now it also horrible.

Isn’t it obvious that problem lays in your actions?
No offense, but this graph speaks very clearly

What do you mean ‘my actions’?

Overall content strategy that you were using during this period: what content to create, how often to upload, how diversified content is and so on.

I mean that our decisions affects our sales like what was working 5 years ago isn’t working now anymore. Trends, demand, quality standards they are changing.

P.S. Obviously, you are skilled author, but sometimes it’s not enough to got sales. There are authors with technically poorer items but with more sales - that’s what I’m talking about

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Very slow week in sales, trying to recover the average. Thanksgiving is coming!!! :raised_hands:

Slow week, no Germany, Canada and Spain on my top countries list this month, very strange…

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If you are wondering how much i’ve earn from ads, the answer is ‘0’ zero!
$125.00 invested no single sale…

So you’ve got clicks and views, but no sales?


I have tried google ads some times back and it didn’t work.

Today is black friday but nobody buys the template.


this year till now…


So, you’ve got nice boost in Nov - congratz!

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Here I put a graphic my portfolio in the last 3 years.
It is a comparison of my portfolio with myself (it has no point to compare differents portfolios and profiles there are so many variables)
I adition I share with you another interesting graphic of my evolution in the videohive top autor ranking. My porfolio has now 142 footage videos.
2017 : I added 8 new videos and get 970 sales this year (+25% than 2016)
2018 : I added 5 new videos and get 768 sales this year (-21% than 2017)
2019: I added 16 new videos and get 464 sales this year (-40% than 2018 at this moment)

videohive top autor ranking
you can si the evolution is almost none in 2019 the graphic is almost I think there are more authors that have similar evolution


In reality you can’t assume anything about other authors from this graph. It is just yours, those who was higher than you could fall down and vise versa those who was above your might climb up plus those who are higher might mix their positions.

Strong start of the week, lil bit surprised

Slow start here

Superslow start for me :frowning: