The purchase code you provided is invalid. Please buy one from codecanyon..


i entered my purchase code in first step of preparing admin install succesfully, then in last step with software activation this massage appeared to me :

“The purchase code you provided is invalid. Please buy one from codecanyon”

what is the problem?, i can not start my work…

hope you solve the problem…


Hi @mousamohamed1!

First, make sure you’re copying the correct code. All purchase codes will use this exact format:


If you’re certain the code is correct, then another thing you can do is make sure that there aren’t any spaces before or after the code when you paste it. Sometimes, browsers will sneak some spaces around it when copying, and this will cause your issue if the author didn’t account for it.

If none of that helps, then the author’s system may not be working properly. Reach out to them via their profile page on CodeCanyon for assistance. Make sure to send them your purchase code.

Hope that helps!

Hi @baileyherbert

Thanks for your help, but that is not working, i tried all means many times and still no result!

i send them message about that and no response!

Thank you again…

The author might take some time to respond, especially given that this was a three-day holiday weekend for many people. If you share the item you purchased, we can further advise and even tag the author in here if they’re a member of the forums.

yeah sure, here is

hope it help…

Thanks! Yes, I’ll tag the author @sixamtech here just to let them know you’re having trouble. This is what they say regarding support response times:

Our support team will respond to you as soon as possible but sometimes it can take you longer than usual like 1 to 2 working days, because of our higher volume of tickets, also Friday and Saturday are weekends here. And our office hour is 3 am to 11:45 am UTC/GMT Time.

However, notably, there are no other complaints in the item’s comments section about purchase codes not working, so something is definitely not right here. Let’s await the author’s response.


Thanks @baileyherbert for your kind help,
i hope this problem is solve, because my work is pending…

here is the decumentaion of installing for more looking…

Thank you…

Hello sir, First of all you can share your problem in the item comment or you can send us messages from our profile section or you can open a support ticket if you are facing any kind of issues.
Now as per our experience, you may be inserted the wrong username. There are two fields username and purchase code. The username is your codecanyon username and insert exactly the same as you have and the purchase code. The system tries to match both data and maybe got one of these wrong. Thank you.

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