The problem with the display of sites Envato!

Hi people! I reinstalled windows 7 (64) and now this problem haunts me on all Envato support sites, as well as on soundcloud (incorrect display of sites). Could you help me?
I reviewed a bunch of tips on the Internet, but none helped.

None link is displayed that does not work!

Many thanks!

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For me everything works fine, and Envato Status shows no issues either. I guess it’s something wrong with your Internet connection settings, or maybe with the OS itself, since Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7 some time ago.

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The fact is that I installed the same windows 7 and on the same day to my friend on a different pc, everything is displayed for him and I do not.

I don’t understand what the problem is, I can’t even write anything at all in support of Envato!

My internet provider is the same as before.

I assume when you were using Win7 before reinstalling, it was upating from time to time to keep drivers up to date. Now, after the reinstalling, some drivers could be outdated and you are not able to uprgade those, because Win7 is not supported anymore. I’d suggest to let Win7 to pass away in peace, and switch to Win10.

I updated all the drivers in the latest version Driver Booster.

No, my friend has the same version of windows 7, he has everything displayed, but I don’t. The problem is not in windows 7.

Someone from Envato or authors who understand this, please help me, otherwise I will have to send you to your email the “carrier pigeon”! :slight_smile:

Try use this link to submit request. Maybe it will work.

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Your link also does not open… :neutral_face:

I see the page did not load properly, but you can still choose from “Hi, what can we help you with?” dropdown menu. Try to choose “Site feedback”, and proceed filling your request, nevermind the page is not displayed as it should, I guess the internal scripts are still working.

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Neither the link does not work! I clicked on each. :worried:

Then it seems that the only way to contact support via Help Center is using other PC (or you phone).

No, they work, but partially. That is, I can’t see anything in detail at all. And I can not send anything in support of Envato.

I tagged all Envato employees here through the symbol “Envato”. I hope that at least someone will answer me and solve this problem.

I can not contact Envato support, links do not work !!!
I will wait for a answer here.

I am aving the same issue from time to time on audiojungle and youtube (and other stocks) Win 10 64 Bit Chrome!

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Windows 7 has nothing to do with it!

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would you like to try with clear your browser cache. Also please make sure your browser is uptodate to the latest version.


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@CleanMagicAudio, this is likely a problem with either your browser, your computer, or your network connection.

What you’re seeing is the raw rendered HTML without the CSS (visual styles) and images being loaded. There are many potential reasons this could happen. If you pop open your browser’s dev toolbar, load the Network inspector, and reload the page, you’ll probably see some failures to load the CSS files and images.

The fact that you’re also seeing this on the support site helps to confirm my suspicion that the problem is not on our end, because the support site is not run by us (it’s run by a third party). The likelihood of both them and us exhibiting this same problem is pretty low.

Finally, we’ve had no other reports of this. Employees here (both in the HQ office and not) have tested and it’s consistently working. We also have constant automated monitoring from worldwide locations; all are showing a green status.

To troubleshoot further, try changing one thing at a time:

  1. Use a different browser on your computer
  2. Use a different network (perhaps you can tether your mobile to your computer and use its connection)
  3. Use a different computer altogether

There’s always the possibility of wider problems (regional or country-level network issues, or a localized issue with one of our network partners), but again we’ve not had any other reports.

I expect one of the above troubleshooting steps will solve your problem, but please write back if not.


Hello @rosssimpson ! Thanks for your quick and detailed answer! None of the methods helped (except paragraph 3 :slightly_smiling_face:), in other browsers the same thing. The strangest thing is that all other Envato sites display normally (except for the Envato support site). On the smartphone, everything is displayed normally. I will definitely inform you as soon as I solve the problem.

Obviously you are right that the problem is on my browser or computer or operating system.
Sorry for troubling!
It’s good that there are people on our forum who can help, even in such non-standard issues!
Many thanks! :+1: