The most effective ways to promote background music for AudioJungle authors!

Hi guys! Let’s share tips for promoting music here and, accordingly, what increases sales (what works today).

What do you do to become visible here?
Thanks to all! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Nowadays, discount tool really helps me.

Actually, the point is writing the most descriptive tags which define our music exactly. We have to increase Sales/Pageviews rate, I mean. If we define tracks theme with correct tags and the customers search with the correct tags, we may have the perfect match, I think. That way, we can build more proper system. :wink:


Hi! Very good answer! In fact, most authors have the same tags and your track is lower than needed in the general search. Is there any other effective way to get customers attention?

Regarding tags: are there any popular queries for these tags and where can I see them?