How to Optimize an item for the AudioJungle search engine

Hey everyone!

Does anyone have any tips for optimizing an item page to help with engine rankings? Or tips for driving more traffic to my profile page?





Create your profile on social media for promotion and use tags related to the song which suits it best.

For ex. if you are uploading corporate track then use tags like, upbeat, motivation, hope, and so on and most important try using a keyword for the title of your song. Corporate, upbeat, motivation inspiration for corporate. And for pop or dance, energy, pump, fashion, etc,


I have been figuring out what are the best strategies for the past year since I am trying to get some organic backlinks to my local SEO. Daily posts, blog commenting, and submissions give my websites get more traffic and clicks.

Do you have your own website that links back to your Aj page?

These tips are all very nice but I think he specifically said ā€œAudioJungle search engineā€ in the titleā€¦