TGM Plugin Activation Class File Required

I am using this ( third party library for plugins activation but unfortunately there are lot of errors detect by Envato Theme Check plugin and i really want a clean/updated file if any fellow author have it or somebody can guide me a bit.


Me too.

You need to get rid of each one of them for yours to pass the Envato version of Theme Check plugin.

As the new guideline suggests:

If you include plugins with your theme, you must use a TGM Plugin Activation based solution to allow users to install the plugin.

But Envato version of Theme Check plugin fails your theme if TGM Plugin Activation from the official site is included (as of few months ago).

I guess a text domain issue is supposed to be taken care by the generator of the official site, though somehow I had to do it once again manually (there can be only one text domain in your theme).

The other issue was about removal of core hooks in the TGM Plugin Activation.

The envato themecheck plugin is updated frequently so the errors above may have gone or there can be more errors now.

Thank you :slight_smile: You just don’t need to rename the orignal file and issue will be fixed.

Thank you for your information :slight_smile:

As for other errors, asking at the issue tracker may resolve problems we have.

Generate it here by entering your theme name and select Themeforest:

Don’t rename the PHP file you downloaded!