TGM Plugin Activation Update



All theme authors please update your TGM Plugin Activation class file within your theme!!!

Version 2.5.2 checks to see if the class file has already been loaded. Older versions that do not check for this have the potential of crashing your user’s sites if any plugins use it as well.

I’ve recieved many support issues for some of my plugins that also use TGM Plugin activation. After a user activates my plugin they get a fatal error. The reason they get a fatal error is because the TGM class gets loaded first by plugins. Then, when the theme attempts to re-load it (because they are using an old version) the site crashes.

I have specifically made a FAQ for my user’s concerning this The article tells my user’s to contact the theme author and have them update the theme files with the latest version of TGM… But, I have heard many responses back from my user’s that the theme author just gives them the canned response “We don’t support 3rd party plugins”… while not actually looking at the issue and realizing that it is truly an issue with the their theme loading outdated files.

Envato staff, if you are paying attention to this I think you should put a site-wide notice out concerning this issue.

Thanks for listening!