[Help] Theme needs improvement !!!

Hi everybody I did submit my theme and received comments from reviewers

  1. Please include the third party or premium plugins in the download or install via TGM PA as pre-packaged: http://envato.d.pr/8J8l7/40afLWRc

All suggestions are very good to me this time. Please help me, thanks!

You need to use TGMA plugin to install the additional plugins:

@ki-themes As you can see the screenshot provided by the reviewer comes actually from TGM PA.

We also got a soft rejection for this reason today. We are using TGM PA.

I’m afraid that reviewers wants now all external plugins included in the theme (NOT EXTERNAL). Which is horrible!!!

Let’s hope we’ll get an official confirmation from Envato’s staff.

i just received same,would be great if someone from staff answers us, including 4-5 plugin in the theme is really not so good idea

We received same reason for soft rejection today. Please update here if you get anything from envato staff.

Yes, they asking for including all plugins in the theme as a prepacked, can anyone from staff make this question little bit clear? why should we include plugins in the theme?

Seems that now they are also rejecting updates for existing(approved) themes (same reason…to add the plugins in theme) :expressionless: .

Hey @jremick any official reply?

Thank you!

Basically, you can include plugins in the main files of the theme, add new folder “plugins” here, i mean folder where yu have documentation, child theme, import files etc, not necessary to include in the actual theme folder,
they have not answered officially (we know they are from olimpo) but they not asked this again when i included in the main folder,

Well, no, not passed, they are asking to put plugins inside theme folder… such a stupit behavior

Before Envato rejecting to including as zip in theme folder , Again today got rejected for pre-packaged where I had included link to my s3 repo which is accessible via TGM but still reviewer saying need pre-packaged. Again confused , what is happening with the item review ? Any official reply will be helpful.

Is that mean we have to include the plugin zip file inside theme ?

Already include via External source so I think there only answer can be yes , they are asking us to include via theme directory.