Template Rejected Again....!!! Please Help Anybody.

Hi forum users,
i need to find reason behind rejection of my html template.I can’t find out problem behind rejection and themeforest do not explain any thing just saying rejected. I need some brief answer. Actually i am so panic for being rejected my work again and again.
Here is the demo link: http://colorlib.net/ripple/html/index.html

Your images & colors are good, but Typo and design details are too simple.
Let’s improve them

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The design is not yet ready but you’re in the good way. I think after 7-10 days of improvements you can get the approval. But you must be able to improve it.

For now the only area that is really good is the top one of home, the buttons, the mockups.

The other parts are: too simple, with different spaces and in general not at high level.

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Thanks for you suggestion. Can I get more details help about my template improvements/adjustment please.

Thanks for you suggestion. Can I get typo & design suggestion please.