Template Design Feedback Required



I am preparing to start coding this template created by me.

But first, I would like some feedback/suggestions from you guys. I would very appreciate it.

Link: http://bryanmaxim.com/preview/klaus.jpg




I like the concept that you are going after. Although I think that they will more than likely give you the note that the market is saturated with single page designs like the one that you are attempting. Nonetheless it doesn’t hurt to go for it and see if it is received… Perhaps by adding a twist on things!! You never know… You could come up with something real clever…

Just my 2 cents…



I forgot to mension that this website will not be just a landing page. It will have lots of pages. It’s not one-page :).


Hello BryanMaxim,

In my opinion it looks messy and not finished. Get some inspiration and try to be more creative. Try to create something different. Show your information in a different and more creative way. That’s my opinion.

Good luck!


I agree with Tron


add some good thing to separate sections.and make it more unique…