Tell your opinion

I will be glad if you will not leave without attention to the track and give comments.

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nice start but the beginning not exactly as good as the rest of the track but when it starts around 20 secs or something this is really great :wink:

Perhaps pull the levels of the drums down (particularly the kick) as they seem to be a little too prominent in the mix… nice work though!

I would have done the drums quieter. In particularly SD. Less to do compression on it. For me, not enough sub bass line, it seems to me, there should be in this genre.

But in general, a great track.

thank you, I’ll try to fix

Thanks, drums I wanted to make a strong, but I missed the bass

I listened to it, but I do not have much to say, simply because I am not in to that kind of music, and therefore I can’t give you an advice :S