Not sure about my mix, need your opinion!

Hi all!so here is it:
are the drums too loud?


I’m also struggling with drum levels :grimacing:

Holy cow NICE PLAYING! I think this is a great track. Tough to get too detailed with SoundCloud’s terrible 128kbps compression, but I don’t think your drums are too loud at all. IMO the kick does get a bit lost in the big choruses, but I think it just needs more of the beater mixed in (or EQ boosted at appropriate frequency) so it cuts through. FWIW, the snare also sound like it could use more “pop” for this type of track.

That being said, its pretty nitpicky…this is a REALLY GOOD track, congrats!!


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Thank you guys!maybe i’m too tired listening to it again and again!)

Really nice track!

Thank you!)

sounds great!

Thank you!Now I have no doubt!

Nicely done man, great composition! I think your levels are fine especially for a track of this genre. Too much clarity is not necessarily a good thing, I think you have a nice balance.

good job…

Thank you guys!)It’s approved!

powerful and punchy ! i love it ! in my opinion its too hard the kick ! i’d make it smoother !