Team Showcase plugin not working after 4.4 WP upgrade

The Team Showcase plugin was working perfectly… then the upgrade came out and all I see is the shortcode showing on the page. I made a brand new install of WP, used a WP theme and added the Team Showcase plugin. Same issue. Cannot get a response from the author.

My project is just about complete and now this… anyone have any ideas what else I could use. The Team Showcase plugin was absolutely perfect solution so are there any other ones like it out there???

The plugin in the market states it’s compatible with WP 4.4 so I am unsure what to do. Any assistance from all you great people out there would be much appreciated!

You should wait for the author response. They will get back to you.

You’re right… but I was under the gun to get the site finished. So I asked the questions hoping someone had another plugin suggestion or had advice.

It never hurts to ask, does it? I was always told the only dumb question is an unasked one.

And the Author did reply and went over and above to determine what was wrong. It seems the shortcode, at least in my websites, had to be added through the text mode not visual.

Have no idea why. He cannot comment either. But it is back and up and running. Hopefully this resolve may help others in the future!

You might wanna check this plugin of mine : Thanks!