short code [bunch_] is displayed in the home page wordpress

the short code [bunch_] is displayed in the home page wordpress


Most probably there is a missing plugin you forgot to install(usually shortcodes are stored into plugins). So carefully check the docs of the theme and make sure you install all bundled plugins.

Secondly, Ask the author of the theme for clarifications :slight_smile: (If you are sure the plugin comes from a plugin which was bundled with the theme)

Good Luck :slight_smile: !


I am very disappointed, the theme does not work on my site, I contacted the support for 6 days without result.
what can i do more i will lost my client

Hello @wissem28

I saw your comment on theme comments page and beside your avatar there is only a “purchased” icon, the “supported” icon is missing. Maybe your support has expired and that is why the author does not offer support?

You can renew your support anytime following these steps:

You can find more info here:

Hoping it helps a bit,
All the best!

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