Tax TIN number for Israelies Author



This post is for Israelies authors -
I need help with understanding that new TAX thing - TIN number.
Can anyone explain exactly how do I get this TIN number from Israel’s Tax Authorities ?

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Just to clarify something… an EIN, SSN or ITIN number are all provided, issued and allocated by the US Government. The only number you’ll get from Israel’s tax authorities is a Foreign Tax ID. Based on the info Envato have provided, that’s the number you want to use on the form… in theory, you only need an ITIN if you don’t have, or can’t get, a Foreign Tax ID.

Probably best to just ask for a Tax ID number though, when you get in touch with the tax authorities, rather than a ‘Foreign Tax ID’. You’re only ‘foreign’ to the US Government… not to your own!


Very clear now. So what I need is actually my Tax ID Number. Simple.

Thanks Space


No worries!