Tax Summaries 1099-MISC PDF Value Not Same As Statement, Incorrect!!!

For example
Tax Summaries Page i can see 2016, 2017, 2018 1099-MISC pdf
2016 value is same as my statement, but 2017 and 2018 is incorrect, its wrong.

2017 my net sales total on statement page is 2470, but in this Tax Summaries PDF is Royalties 2460 and Other income 27

Also the Statement page US Backup WithholdingTax (withheld) total is 691.6 but in Tax Summaries PDF is 696.36

Why the value is not same???

Thanks all

Please Contact Author Support and let them know your query. They will assist you. Thanks

This is just a guess, but it’s pretty likely… the statement and earning pages go on Australia time, and it would make sense that US taxes would go on US time.

Thank for the info, but i have no idea how to calc myself by us time…i download the csv and use many method tried to calc it but no luck :frowning:

2017 first Transactions is 2017-01-02 04:37:48 +1100
2017 last Transactions is 2017-12-23 02:20:52 +1100

(Not inclued payout)
2018-01-01 only has payout
2016-12-31 has no Transactions

So i think maybe not the utc timing issue.

1099-misc pdf 3 years total has $7 US Backup Withholding Tax (withheld) more than statement page info.
Also i dont know what is the “other income” box at 1099-MISC pdf.
And also the income in 1099-misc pdf not same as statement page info too…not too much but just not same.

I wanna found out what happen now…:frowning:

Any author have this issue and can be calc youself? Please share your method

Thanks all

I have contact them…waitting reply…but i have no time…because i am very urgent on this issue…

Please if anyone have idea how to calc or know what happen on this…let me know… thanks all!

Ok, so it’s not a timing issue then. Best thing you can do is wait for support.

I tried contact them :frowning:

Do you know what is the “other income” box meaning on 1099-misc?

I have already compare statement and 1099-misc value many time, still cant found out what happen made it value not same, hope the support will reply me and give me a answer …but i have no time to wait because my balance sheet need this info in this few day…

thank you

1099-misc total $25 (maybe i calc it wrong) more than the statements, and the US Backup Withholding Tax is not same at all too.

Not big money but just not same :frowning:

as you know usually how many time will take for taxinfo support?

I have already sent email to them 4 day ago, still no reply :frowning:

the earnings support email has reply me but need more info, now more than 3 day no reply, any other email address i can send to ask a support? thanks all