Tax question

We are 2 partners who want to put the site theme in themefarest.
I created the template and I have the email and I just want to use my partner’s tax information and also his name in the profile.

  1. Can he claim the template and take it from me in the future?
  2. Is there a separate tax for my partner in his own country?
  3. If I do not tell him the name of the theme, will he find out the name of the template through the tax office?

The tax info and account ID or verification need to match with the author account - you can’t mix and match individual partner’s info - that would be fraud.

  1. Depends who designed the template. It would be sensible to have a written agreement that outlines this type of info. In the absence of other evidence it will belong to whoever owns / has their info on the submitting profile

  2. No it is only the amount payable by the profile owner

  3. It won’t necessarily be on the tax info but then if you are submitting it they won’t see the tax info anyway. If they are involved in creating an item I am not sure how you would prevent them knowing the name, the design or more about it

Candidly questions like this sounds like a recipe for disaster and not the basis of a serious partnership

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Thanks for your prompt reply