Question about tax form and username


  1. Is it possible to register first and put the theme in themefarest and, for example, fill in the tax form in the profile after 1 year?
  2. Does the first and last name have to be real? And they may ask for identity documents later?
  3. Should the profile name be the same as the name of the PayPal account holder?
  1. If you don’t submit the tax info then you will face withholding of at least 24% of your gross earning

  2. Of course it has to be real. If not that is fraud

  3. Yes it has to be your ID and info - using someone else’s is agin - fraud

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thanks for your response
When it comes to taxes, I mean, can we fill out a tax return after a while? For example, 1 year later

It can depend but if you do then you will face significant charges on your earnings which may not be necessary if you fill things out correctly.

Thank you so much