I wish to partner with a designer

I am looking for a theme designer to partner with on a 50 50 basis.
I will take your designs and turn them into html5 bootstrap 4 themes, then turn those them into wordpress themes. You will take my designs and make them better so they get accepted.

Contact me if your interested.

That’s quite a generous split. You need to be clear on:

  • who’s profile it goes up on

  • is that 50% pre/post tax? What happens if you have different tax expectations to your partner?

  • who is going to support items (assuming that’s you)

Etc. Etc.

Hi Charile,

Are you asking as a moderator or as an interested party?

I understand that Envato does not have a partnership program, that would have been ideal.
Regarding which profile, I was thinking about both profiles until trust is reached. In both profiles, I mean that I get 2 separate themes that have been approved. The first I program can go on the designer’s account, the second on mine and so forth. At the end of each pay-month we calculate accordingly.

I haven’t thought about the taxes aspect but I see myself as a fair person.

I will support all the files I program for as long as I get paid my share. When a file is hosted on my partner’s account I will build a support system.

Generous split? I feel that it is fair because I do not have the skills of design needed to get the design part approved. I have been programming for 3 decades and do that well and fast.


I wouldn’t be the right person to work with you but just adding clarity for you. If the item becomes popular then you will end up with a lot of extra work to do on an ongoing basis to support and update it whilst (without devaluing their initial importance) the designer is unlikely to have more to do.

50/50 will get more interest but it’s usually weighted at least slightly to favour the developer.