I try to have money from Envato.

Is it a good idea to make products with a partner?

I’m a software programmer but I’m open to new fields, like photo, video or anything.

What do you mean?


That is something you need to answer yourself.

If you are searching for a partnership then you should list all your skills, what kind of items you would like to make and what do you expect your potential partner to offer.

  • I know Html, JavaScript, Php, C#
  • I can do a little bit of graphic design
  • I learn photo and/or video editing or a new tool

I would like to make items that different from the existing ones.

I’m thinking about what would be good for both of us.

  • 50 - 50% salary with 1 envato account
  • or we just help each other but don’t do 1 envato account together
  • or you have a better idea

LSVR, are you open for partnership?

You should specify what kind of items do you plan to make. HTML templates? WordPress themes? Plugins?

If you want to find someone reliable, you should be much more clear about what exactly you can offer. Do you have any portfolio of your past projects? That is the most important think to share.

I am sorry but I am not searching for a partnership.