Looking for PSD Designer to partner with (Themeforest) 40% for you

Hi there,

We are looking for a PSD Designer partner regarding rules as bellow…

  1. We offer 60/40 partnership 40% for you
  2. You make PSD & We need to make make full HTML Template
  3. Item will hosted in our profile
  4. Payment will make in every month after release the payment by Envato
  5. Payment method recommended Payoneer
  6. Any design related support or changes/update will provide by you & HTML or any code related changes/updated provide by me
  7. Good relation partnership

You can remarks or recommend on any subject for change or edit.

If you would like to work with us please contact us.

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Html template ?

We are looking Graphic Designer

Ok - for example you sold item which price is $15. What are the taxes you pay for envato (it depends on your residence and forms provided to envato).

So basically what is the net revenue you get from this $15 item so we can calculate 40% real net income $$$ :slight_smile:

If i sell one item in $15 so I get $7.78 around about.

you get 7.78 after give away 40% for graphic author or you get 7.78 and graphic author get 40% from this 7.78? :slight_smile:

lets do it as easy as possible - you sold item which price was $15 -> how much from such sale is going to graphic designer (in dollars - net revenue)

if you want more discuss please move on inbox.