TAX info


Im getting these tax related emails.
But I don’t have any idea on these. Can anyone help me out ? Im from Nepal. What do I need to do ?

To be honest, there’s nothing to do. Just update your address to receive the tax forms. That’s all

Thank you Ki-Themes.
Where do I update the address ?
Also I see lot of US tax holding inmy statement.
Are these going to be back to my earnings if I fill these forms ?

No, you won’t get it back. There supposed to be a section on the email where you could update the information but you can also perform the changes under settings panel on your account

That’s why you need to fill w8 form to avoid “tax holdings”

Then what’s the importance and benefit if I don’t get it back? Why would anyone learn all those terms and fill out the forms ? :smiley: :smiley_cat:

After filling the forms, there’d be no cuts (~30%) so you will get paid more

Sort of. After filling out the form, an author who lives in Nepal will have 0% withheld on sales made to buyers outside the US, and 30% withheld from sales to buyers from the US.