Tags in theme



Hi! I receive soft reject with this this screen and description “There should be a tag title:

Could you help me?


I think you need to add “Tag” before alignment… something like this

Tags: alignment caption content css image markup


That is a really dump way to get a reject…
I mean, why should I have " tags " when I do not want to have it visually.


I think if you don’t add “tag” on that, users might think it’s a category or whatever it is.


Thank you for your answer.


It’s the WordPress default features, You cannot disable it permanently but you can create a section under theme option to enable/disable it. But make you you enabled the settings as default because Reviewers just install the theme and needs to see all features.


Enable / Disable just the title " tag " is also a no-need feature. Disable all the tags, is something different.


if you’re using minimalistic design, you may need it ( or check if it’s empty )
I agree it’s something else but I came with this idea as a solution if you don’t want to list the tags