Soft reject - info Site name must display by default

Can i have info from Pro Wp?
I got soft reject because of:
Site name must display by default:

As default on home page, WordPress show all posts.
My title is Blog. Is not ok and need to be shown name of website or name of page : HOME?

@mgscoder @LSVRthemes

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what is your item title?
would you like to share the demo url!

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Sure, but issue mentioned is in review process so problem with title is when you haveas default wp settings ( without data imported, from settings when choose to have first page as posts not a page)

When choose this, home is with posts and title under menu is blog.

Maybe images will help you to understand?


maybe you have overwrite the title tag by overwriting coding in your theme. website title should come from the wordpress default functionality. so that title always come from the Settings => General mean when anyone will install wordpress then the given provided website name/title will be default title of the website.

In case of interest:

Thank you

i saw it now with default WP theme.
I will fix it and reupload

Thank you for your help