WordPress theme got hard rejected


Can anyone please help me to understand why this theme got hard rejected. Please help me improve any design concept.

Here is the comment from your Envato Quality team reviewer:

  1. Keyword stuffing titles is not permitted, you can use tags for that. More info – Keyword Stuffing – Envato Author Help Center
  1. I am afraid this item is pretty poor and quite far from prime ready. It would undoubtedly take a considerable amount of work to get it to a point where we would consider going further with a full review. So I am afraid I will have to hard reject it on this instance.

Examples of areas which look terribly bland and/or unfinished but there are many more:

Here is the link: https://qhost.themetags.com

I checked the recently approved WordPress theme and I think I have the better design but do not know what I missed. If you give me a specific and detailed improvement area of the section that will be very helpful for me.

Also, does Envato reviewers maintain any different policy for new authors like new Author will get rejected whatever they submit?

Thanks in advance

You could’ve had chance to get this item approved ( the design ) 3-4 years ago but now the requirements has changed as well as the design quality, too. If you want to get this theme approved, you better start working on a better design but my suggestion, you can start uploading as HTML to save time. If the HTML gets approval, you may have a chance as WordPress theme

Thank you @ki-themes for your useful suggestions. I got sometimes confused when I check new approved themes on ThemeForest. If you check the last 3 approved themes: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/technology/hosting?sort=date#content

I feel very confused if I compare my theme that got hard rejected. Could you please help me understand what they have good quality designs that I can check considering my theme as an improvement?

I got 4 times hard rejected here for this theme and every time reviewer mentioned that design terribly bland and/or unfinished but I could find any guideline what is the definition of quality design or example. So I checked the latest approved theme. I got more confused. I surely missing something. Please help me to make me understand it.

You may have the similar structure for the details but it doesn’t mean that the design is good enough and the execution is well. As an example:

Small touches but you can ( I hope ) see the differences.

Try to use multiple fonts combination. :upside_down_face:

That makes sense. Thank you. But for this, should I get the hard rejection or soft rejection? Again, other theme got approved and they have similar improvements: https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress/technology/hosting?sort=date#content