SVG animation project questions.

Hi guys! First of all sorry for my english but i hope you’ll understand me.
I’m an animator. But totally dumb in code things. Is it OK if i will sell my animations as JS-files or i should sell HTML, CSS this stuff which sounds scary for me? :slight_smile:
I’m asking because i’m making my animation in Adobe After Effects then exporting it in JS.

Here’s is a little stupid sample.

Thanx for any advice!

Hi there!

When you start selling a product on CodeCanyon you must keep in mind that the code needs to be editable and easy to understand.

I’m afraid that when you export from Adobe After Effects the code will not look so well.

Advice: You can make some kind of collaboration with a developer and start a team. This way you also have controll over the code.

Then you can sell them as items on codecanyon.

All the best

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