Hi, why my item haven't any sales ?

I have published animated SVG icons in this link

[link removed]

but no sale, what is the reason?
high prise, quality not good, not required, can someone help me increase my sales ?
Thank You

Extremely narrow appeal and only going to be of interest to a niche audience, plus with respect while I doubt it’s ever going to be a big income generator, it’s only been for sale for less than 2 weeks.


thank you charlie4282
I want to get big sales. . Which products do you recommend me to work on?

It’s not just the product - big sales is increasingly difficult and even before, requires a great product but also investment in marketing (ads, social, etc.), constant updates and additional unique/premium features.

Success on (any stock marketplace) takes significant time and investment to see significant returns.

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Your advice was helpful to me, Thank you charlie4282