Do I can submit live preview not original in codecanyon?

Hi to all:

I already make my animation svg javascript banners but I don’t want buyers or authors copy my code if live preview original same svg animation, Do I can make a web preview not original live preview for accepted my sell codecanyon? do you understand me? sorry my bad english.


No - you can’t preview something different from what a buyer would receive nor something which may not belong to you.

If you’re that worried about people ripping it then use a video preview of the file and it’s features

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But I problem not can use audio because I am deaf for make video, How I can make it? thanks.

@charlie4282 I can make without audio but only video?

You don’t need audio - just some form of screen recording software.

Animated banners are not complex so buyers will know what they are looking at.

If you really need to then it’s not difficult to cut the recording to include titles before features if you want to make it more advanced.

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Many thanks. I will save video my screen pc regards.