Support for themes

I have recently purchased a theme, the theme has bugs. I have tried to contact the supplier through the support mechanism. I have signed up for the support through the link sent - no emails are being received or confirmed.

I have no way of logging in to get some support although I have created an account as there is no verification email.

Looking for a contact email address for the vendor of the theme is just throwing back no end of links to do this and that but no contact for those that host the vendors.

Is there any other port of contact to rectify these problems in this situation or is it a need for complaining to the bank to claim the funds back.

If the author is not responding etc. then you can contact envato Envato Market Help and Support

Do not dispute it with the bank if possible as this will lead to your envato account being blocked until it is resolved

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The mechanism to open up support doesn’t work for me unfortunately and that’s a reason I can’t contact them.

I have used the link provided for support. Thank you extremely grateful.