Super quick Visual Composer question

Can someone please tell me if the ‘Gap’, ‘Special Header’ and other elements seen below are generated by one of the Visual Composer Add Ons, and if so, which one? I don’t want to start buying plugins until I know which one I need for these elements. Is it Ultimate Addon?

Thanks in advance,

The default space element in VC is actually named “Empty Space”, so the “Gap” element is a custom element. The “Special Heading” element is also not part of VC, but a custom one, either provided by your theme, or an addon. In general, all elements that don’t have a custom icon unique/specific for the element, are most likely coming from your theme and/or an addon.

Thank you, I’m trying to figure out which Add On it may be.

As there are simply too many addons out there, it is impossible to tell from a screenshot, unless the actual author happens to read this topic. All I can tell you, it is not from my addon. :slight_smile:

It also seems like there are actually two sets of custom elements present (based on the fact that each set is using a different icon for all of its elements), which indicates that there are actually two addon sources on your site. One source could be the theme, if your Visual Composer came bundled with your theme.

The easiest way to find out is actually to go to your WP plugin’s page, find the plugins that in any way include a reference to Visual Composer in their name or description, and to simply deactivate them one by one (temporarily), just to see, which icons/elements disappear in VC.