Suggestion for design improvement


Hello guys
Would you please give us some suggestions for countdown plugin design and text imrpovements?
Envato team said us the countdown plugin text and its design need some improvements.
The attached image is the preview image of countdown plugin.
Thank you for your suggestions.
Sincerely yours


Hey guys
Would please give us some feedback or suggestion about our plugin?
We will appreciate you to have any idea about our plugin.
Please help us
Thank you


Well, find a designer, because this clearly wasn’t created by a designer. It looks extremely outdated as it was created in MS Paint. Sorry, I can’t give you any constructive critique, because there is everything wrong.


Thank you for putting your time on reviewing our design post.
Really we have designer. Our idea was to create a plugin with combination of old and modern fashion design because most of designs in the countdown section of codecanyon is modern or super modern.Right now this plugin is in the last step and codecanyon reviewers told us our plugin need some refinement and after that ready to sell.
If you can say which parts have more wrong atitude, we will appreciate you with the great help.
Again thank you