Subscription and what it gets me-confused?

I was wanting to buy the Ultimate Earth Zoom toolkit and some music for a project and I had been reading the subscription about a certain amount of downloads per month etc so I paid $314.98 AUD for the subscription then went to get my Ultimate Earth Zoom kit and I still need to pay over $80 AUD for it. Can anyone explain how to download after subscribing?


You are confusing the marketplaces (Videohive, Themeforest, Audiojungle,…) with Elements (the subscription based platform).

There is no subscription for the marketplaces, you pay for each items.

That’s a little misleading. I was on the Envato Market place and I subscribed to Envato yet I am only able to download from envato elements? Am I right with that now?

Because the elements are very basic, things which I could make myself. The subscription said for 3d elements and sound as well as so many templates. Well I have had an expensive eveningfinding out to watch for envato naming their sites with the same brand just different last names.

Envato is the company. You’ve subscribed to Elements, one of their products. Your subscription allows you to download anything that is on Elements indeed.

Elements is a limited selection from the marketplaces, so you get the same level of quality. Just less choice.

Oh I am a little annoyed now. I just found an earth zoom on envato elements after getting two emails saying it wasn’t available. Because I am on a deadline I have now paid for the earth zoom from the market and a subscription where the earth zoom was available after all that. That’s a huge whack out of my budget gone. I am having a bad run with this tonight. I wish it was a bit more clear what you are going to get before you pay instead of having to wait until you pay to open up what you get.

Contact support, you should be able to work something out. If you haven’t downloaded anything from Elements, you should be able to get a refund on your subscription.

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Not all the Items on Envato Market are available on Elements. But there are still plenty to choose from.

Submit a Support Ticket at Elements, Elements support team will be very happy to Assist you of your concern issues
Elements Support


I worked it out thanks I was not aware of the different pages listed under Envato. Now I know what I am paying for I am still happy with the outcome.
Thanks for your help.