Submitting Video, CSV?

Is there no way to submit bulk videos with metadata in a CSV file?

Also, what’s up with having to enter keywords one at a time (hitting ENTER after each word)? Most of us have our keywords in a spreadsheet separated by commas. Without a CSV option, I’d like to just copy and paste my string of keywords with commas into the keywords box. Seems like I can’t do that currently.

I see Videohive made updates to the submission process to better streamline the procedure, but it needs some more work to bring it up to date with what’s expected these days.

You can copy and paste.

Hi, I just signed up to be a video contributor and wondering about CSV metadata entry for video files.

Can CSV files be used or do you have to enter all data for each video manually?


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I’ve just uploaded my portfolio of 1000 videos, didnt come to mind that basic CSV isn’t available.
All files will sit and wait until this will be available :frowning:

I’ve tried it and even though my tags are separated by a comma they paste as one word. If it is possible, then how?

I am having the same issues as Martin Leitch, pasting comma seperated keywords is not creating individual keywords. is this a bug? Can it be fixed.

We NEED CSV tagging in Envato or it is not practical to upload, will this be added? Adobe, ■■■■ and Shutterstock all have this feature.

Hey there I have the same question, in the process of uploading 1000+ clips and we NEED the csv feature, which is basic. Have Envato understood this? Do they respond to requests on here?