CSV Metadata Uploads Now Available for Stock Video Authors

We know how important it is to spend less time ‘preparing and distributing’ your stock video items so you can focus more on the ‘quality and creation’ side, so we’ve taken steps to make it easier!

A few months ago we surveyed authors about adding metadata in bulk for stock video submissions. We got a lot of positive interest in the idea and we kicked off a beta test soon after.

After a successful period of beta testing and lots of valuable feedback, we’re happy to announce Stock Video (footage and motion graphics) authors can now submit metadata via a CSV and model releases via FTP.

What does this mean?

This means that authors:

  • can upload one CSV metadata file for all their recently uploaded clips
  • no longer need to complete multiple metadata fields for each individual video file
  • can upload model releases via FTP (when submitting CSV metadata)
  • can enjoy a simpler flow as ‘ready’ items are automatically progressed to the next stage
  • can spend more time creating new content as a result!

How does it work?

For information on how to submit your metadata, including links to a sample CSV for you to use, check out our updated help centre article “Stock Footage and Motion Graphics Uploader”.

For information on how to upload your model releases via FTP, first take a look at the help centre article “How to Upload Using FTP”, and refer to the information about uploading stock video only.

These changes are now live, so you can start using these new tools right now! If you have any questions, let us know below, and if you have thoughts about the feature please jump in here to leave feedback. We would love to hear from you.


If I upload the example csv several headers are wrong.

It would be great if the example csv would actually be correct, to be used as a template.

Hi Creattive, great to hear you’ve check it out and thanks so much for letting us know about this. I’ll message you directly to find out a bit more about what you saw with the headers.

We’ve identified a few things that need adjusting in the headers; a couple of improvements between the beta test and the implementation have caused the ‘header’ errors some authors may have seen.

For those super keen to submit a metadata CSV, the errors indicate exactly what the headers need to be so adjustments can be made & the CSV accepted.

We are working on the adjustments now so we can avoid this confusion. Thanks so much for the fast feedback :slight_smile:

Okay, so you did actually try it out yourself now, I see :slight_smile:

Downloading and uploading the sample csv without any changes results in these errors:

Should be an easy fix to correct that sample csv with the correct header names.

Also, the upload for the csv does not work all the time. 9 out of 10 times it just hangs at 0B for me:

Couple more points, to make this usable:

I have adjusted the headers myself now, and was able to at least get a csv accepted with 2 dummy rows of data. The filenames for these rows were just “footage-filename1.mov” like in the sample. I have not uploaded a mov with that name, and I would expect the system to just skip over this row if it cannot find a matching upload.

However, your system does create a new item in the upload dashboard. I don’t see any chance to actually attach a file to that item, so this looks meaningless.

My wish is to make the system skip filenames that are not found in upload dashboard instead of creating empty items with file-errors for those.

We want to use one big csv for all of our items, but not necessarily upload all of these items. It should just pick the data it needs and ignore the rest.
Creating a single csv for each batch of upload is cumbersome and defeats the purpose of using a csv to begin with, unless I am moving my whole portfolio at once. Which is not the case for old authors.


Hi to everyone!
Thanks a lot for this possibility. I uploaded some 100+ video clips using it and can say, that the Bulk upload works very well !


This is great feedback thank you Creattive!

I’ll discuss the specifics of your feedback with the team. We are working on the adjustments to the headers (so the sample does not cause errors!) and will also take a look at the failing upload you described.

We want to continue to improve our flows and hearing about the different ways authors like (and need) to work really helps to shape them. Thank you for sharing the suggestions for potential next steps.

It’s great to hear that we are on the right track :grinning:


zygista so glad to hear!

@kdubdent - I have the following suggestion for the ITEM OVERVIEW REPORT: would be nice to have a date when .csv file was processed in a first column, then the original stock video file name and then all others columns as they are now. Also would be nice to have information in this REPORT for some longer period of time - a month or so. Any thoughts?

Hello all! Apologies for the delay. We have now resolved the issue with the headers in the sample causing errors. If you would like to try again please let us know how you go!

In terms of the ‘empty’ items getting created following a CSV upload. The flow currently expects files (e.g. footage clips) to be uploaded first and the metadata CSV second. We are currently looking at this and how we can make it more flexible. I’ll update further when we know more. Until then, if you go with files first, it should work as long as the filenames on the clips match the filenames in the CSV exactly.

Again, thank you for all your suggestions about how you would like to see this develop. We will work through these a little more carefully and let you know when there are plans for changes from here :slight_smile:

@kdubdent, thanks for update. I agree with your approach ‘to upload clips first and then CSV file’. Why somebody would want to upload CSV file and never upload video clips? But I tested how it works if you upload CSV file first and then video clips - it works very well too.

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