Submission Limit Changes for Music Authors

With 30 they just leave enough headroom;)

Wow, I guess this really is goodbye now.

It’s the same with any other ‘algorithm’ platform. The reality is there isn’t really a meaningful algorithm at the top end - just a handful of chosen ones who dominate the platform, dangling the success carrot for an army of hopefuls. 30 submissions a month with less scrutiny Vs 2 per month (with a realworld catch up of 6 months to turn round any deficit) is an insane ‘solution’. If you thought AJ was slightly narrow minded in its diversity and template tracks before…

20 composers, across different genres, knocking out 7200 tracks a year each should be more than enough for the platform and enough to dominate the first page of every search term (like it already actually does to be fair). Everyone else… good luck :wink:

I don’t mean this to sound bitter, if you’ve got a good approval record, well done and good luck, but this spells the end for literally every one else. I have had my rejections in the past, and have worked solid for a year vastly improving my production and commercial viability. I was tempted to give AJ one last try with a new and improved catalogue (despite the constant sales and Elements battle crisis I keep reading), but having read this news, for me, this really is the last place I’m willing to put any effort into.

AJ really did their homework this time:) Its a smart workaround for everyone.If your approval ratio is low you may upload 2 songs/pm.If you prove yourself worthy and ambitious, due to the fact that you will spend more energy and creativity on just 2 tracks .If you are aloud to upload 30 tracks, and you do it, well…thats a bit extreme.You either work with a team. This might be doable with efficient labor division.Or you are a genius.The third option is a shameful copy paste procedure.Slow down/speed up, change a melody here and there and you pull out 30 tracks out of your sleeves.I believe that 10-15 tracks p/m is a good ratio . Everything higher than that will dilute the quality of the product.Good thing 30 tracks p/m is not a mandatory thing.


While this submission policy makes a lot of sense it slows down new members considerably.
Since it is based on the last 20 submissions it would be fair for authors with fewer than 20 submissions to be allowed at least 20 submissions (or the previous 5 at a time until they reach 20 submissions) in order to establish a meaningful submission ratio.

It seems that right now as a new author I would have to hit a 100% approval ratio for 5 months at the rate of 2 per month!

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You have reached your upload limit for this month.

Yes, I have ratio below 50%.
But I have uploaded only one item during October.
So, what’s the reason for limiting me with 1 item p/m, not 2?

It’s not a big problem, I work pretty slow and maybe 2-3 items per month is a good tempo for me. But anyway, why only one this month?

Thank you :+1:

I joined this year. I submitted 2 or 3 pieces and they were all rejected. I worked on some new stuff and submitted 4 songs this month. 3 were approved and I seem to have made it to 50% approval rating, but likely just barely. So I’d say if you submit two and you get one approved, you may be bumped up to a larger amount for the next month. So you need to make your first submissions really good.


Well, I’d say you need to make “all” your submissions really good!


I believe we need an important clarification:
How is the ratio calculated for authors with less than 20 submissions?


I uploaded my 30th track some minutes ago, so… let´s wait for it! :joy:


If you get more denies early on, you never hit >50%, so I’d say it’s more important to really pick those first ones to have the best chance of staying over 50%.

“How is the ratio calculated for authors with less than 20 submissions?”

It is based on your last 20 submissions. One would expect if you submitted 4 tracks and 2 have been approved, that is a 50% approval rate. That has been my experience as I said, I have less than 20 submits and have probably a very close to 50% approval rate as I said. I am now a little afraid to submit something - so their plan has worked.

It would be nice to see these stats on the author dashboard with a history of submissions with their outcomes as well.

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You actually uploaded 30 tracks? :slightly_smiling_face: OMG

Hahahaha I was joking, i will never do that.
In other hand, thank you to all those authors visiting my portfolio since i wrote that, my portfolio is “trending topic”… :rofl:


Well. I just dodged a panic attack:). Thanks for sharing.Go easy with these jokes :)))

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Good point! I was scared too! For my part, I continue my own and possible small pace… (2 to 3 downloads per month, even if I was promoted to 30!). But I prefer to take the time to a well-made track! And still…! Will it be accepted for the commercial style , very often requested?? Because my music is often documentary, Drone or Landscape, and could not be appreciated by the large number of buyers…??? Well… That’s for my commercial, then! :grin::wink:


The only one thing that will change for me about uploading is if i have 5 in queued i wont need to wait for one approval, i can upload one without waiting.


According to announcement below, this topic will close in three days, and I have very limited time to express my feelings about these fundamental changes in Audiojungle and declare to everybody that I literally don’t care

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Hi @IllogicalMusic,

@GreeneMeansGo is correct. If an author has less than 20 items, then the approval ratio and limits are simply based on the number of items they do have :slight_smile:

This means a new author could still have a higher limit if they are able to maintain a high approval ratio across fewer items.


Thanks Steve!
I have one item submitted and approved. Does this mean I am at 100%?

It doesn’t seem like that because I am limited to two per month.

However, the review process is still too subjective, sometimes tracks that are really bad get approval and acceptable music gets rejected.