Sticky Video

What happens because I can not find a solution here, so they sell a product to which they have no support.

Hi, I need a solution

buy Sticky Video

here your product does not work

Revice yourself

when time more I will wait for these solutions

urgent please

Hi @hugodiego12,

I checked out your website and it appears to be working for me. I am posting a screenshot below (sticky video is at the bottom left). Could you please try a different browser and see if it is working? It might be a problem with your cache.


the video has to be shown outwards …
Here it is shown together with the image and text
must over put same as the example

.watch the video as it gets
attached image

Thanks, I understand the issue now. This is ultimately a problem with your theme, but you can fix it with some custom code:

  • Go to your WordPress admin dashboard
  • Go to Appearance » Customize
  • Click “Additional CSS” near the bottom
  • Copy and paste the following code:
.page-container { 
    z-index: -1; 

Save the changes, refresh your website, and check it. It seems you might have disabled the plugin recently, so make sure to re-enable it first.

to customize and insert video
(2) “sticky-video”: add this class to a supported video source (e.g. <iframe> or <video>) to make it stickty

how does it work?

send steps