Video background not playing

Hi, all!

I’m not an expert on anything tech, and I purchased the Overflow theme that has a video background feature. It’s been working for the past few months, but now, it won’t play any video on the header. If you want the link to my blog to check out the problem, here it is:

My Wordpress is updated to the latest version. I’m wondering if this is a plugin problem. Does anybody know a solution to this?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @krystenkaladkarin

I saw in the Overflow theme comments that the video header only supports video hosted on Youtube/Vimeo, but looking at the code of your website it seems that the video you are trying to use is self-hosted (most probably this is why it doesn’t work)

Please also see the theme documentation regarding the video backgrounds:

For specific technical support you can also contact directly the theme developers here:

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Hi! My video is actually on YouTube and is not self-hosted? Or I misunderstood what a self-hosted video means? As I’ve said, I’m not really good with tech stuff, and I just really wanna run my blog smoothly. I’m also trying to make ends meet, so I still can’t get support yet. This is the link to the video I have:

Thanks again for helping!

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