Starting out as an author

Hi all!

I am a computer science grad and wanted to start making website templates/themes to sell but I am unsure of where to begin!

Can anyone give me a few tips?

Thanks in advance!

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Try reading books about wordpress theme, familiarity is the key. Try to decide whether you want to use existing framework or design your own. Studying wordpress will also help improve your php coding skills, it helps a lot since it uses OOP.

Also study design such as typography, alignment then observe existing website.I’m still studying the playing field but so far that’s what i have learned. Hope this is helpful

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@Sarah_G has a lot of resources that can help you :slight_smile:


Hey there,

Thanks for getting in touch. Great to hear you’re interested in becoming an Author.

Here are some handy links, tips and resources for you to check out:

Market Help Center: This is where you can find all the Envato-specific help resources in one place. Try searching using the search bar using key terms.

Check out the articles in the ‘Getting Started’ section on the help center here. Also, see this article on ‘Becoming an Author’ on Market here.

Author Hub Community Blog: This is our author-dedicated space that provides high-quality learning, social and industry-related content across all marketplaces.

Envato Tuts+: You can find tutorials and courses to help develop your design skills and launch your business here.

Hope this helps get you started! Let us know if you have any questions or need any more help.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


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