I have been on the lookout for an attractive, full featured Sport betting script for years now. I am a bit surprised that web developers have not been cranking these out as I am sure that the demand is pretty high. Is anyone currently building a sportbook? If so how soon can we expect to see it live?

I doubt the possibility of anyone investing their time on such project and selling for less than $100. Its just one of those things that ain’t worth building for this market. I mean this is a type of project that will cost tens of thousands to develop. So your chances of getting it here are slim.

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Developers should trust the market and price the item at what it is worth. I think once the quality of work is on point you will be surprised what buyers are willing to pay. But the quality has to be undeniable. I am sure a nicely built Sportsbook priced at $999 or more will still see enough licenses to make a solid profit. Just the affiliate commissions alone will drive massive sales. And ongoing after-sales support would be essential due to the very nature of the business. But seriously I cannot emphasize enough it has to be built to perfection by a developer who listens to his customers and has a vision for the life of the project. I wish I could distract @DoughouzForest from Wowonder for something like this. He is exactly the type of developer needed for something this complex.

The issue is there Is so much legality and regulation around sites like that (done properly) that would become very complex between envato, authors and buyers who would need to invest is highly expensive hosting and security etc. Plus other compliance depending on the country, type of betting etc

To do this (to use your phrase) to perfection and support it long term would require a dedicated full time team and $999 probably would even cover the briefing stage let alone building it.

Something like this done properly would easily be well into the tens of thousands of $ if not even 6 figures from the right high end agency.

This is precisely why (I don’t to know this industry but it’s the case with similar tools/platforms) white label solutions exist purely for purpose and benefit from a combination of category expertise and economies of scale.

I would be SUPER scared of anyone thinking they will find a secure and reliable solution for any kind of betting or banking via a stock marketplace (regardless of how good the developer like @DoughouzForest was).

Only people looking for quick win, corner cutting will believe this possible which starts on the back foot.

Actually since I found Envato I have had a chance to observe more about the developers here than the pigs in a bag in other places like freelancer and upwork. Projects that are submitted here tell a lot about the developer/team behind it. The way they are upgraded and supported, show their attention to detail, level of customer service, discipline, creativity, work ethic and so much more. I will never look back at hiring freelancers anywhere else.

Also a nicely developed script here on Envato is a perfect starting point to discover if the marketplace even wants what we are offering before investing the barn into something that could just as easily be rejected by the marketplace. I would have thought that would be obvious but…

I agree entirely with your point about how authors behaviour reflects greatly on those behind them, and I am very aware of the (generally) higher standards than so either marketplaces.

Unfortunately that doesn’t change the fact that this is not the right environment to be building for / purchasing certain types of items, and nor is it really somewhere / the right audience to test the water.