Specific question about Regular License (Themeforest)


I have some questions about Regular license. I found this two different statments related to them:

  1. “You can make any number of copies of the single End Product, as long as the End Product is distributed for Free”

  2. “Example: A website theme can only be customized to create one customized website. If you want to create a second website from the same theme, you should purchase another license.”

I have a single end product which is a Theme already and completely customized by myself but I need the same end product in a subdomain just to avoid overload time issues and to add many functonalities I subtracted from the original theme in the first domian; so explaining it in detail, it means in the first end product customization was made with big effort, and subtracting functionalities, but I need my end product in a domain and a subdomain, same end product/ re-designed by me, but with full included functionalities in the theme. Can I use my end product in this two domain-subdomain? End users won’t be charged to visiting my sites, I just want them to be connected to seem that’s just one website.

Hope you can clarify it for me (and it’s covered), specially because it was a lot of work I’ve done redisigning my project.

Best Regards,

Jordi R