Special Circumstance Read More. Hate this!

with due respect, guys. adressing to the team. You are a worldwide platform now. All those explanations that i receive from the support, that they froze the queue and they dont know the times when it is going to be re-frozen, seems “immature” for me. If this all has smth to do with money, you have to set a firm conditions and a firm timeframes… because it HAS to be predictable. i spent way more time doing projects, i dont sleep sometimes, i dont go for a walk or spend time with my family only because i want to do a good portfolio. so i dont understand why it takes that much time for more than 11 reviewers to review my items. Knowing that the reviewal time now is around 25 days. Honestly, i wish this to be settled firm, and the play would be fair.
please, if it is in your power, let the reviewer check my items and accept em)

sorry for being a bit “pushy”, but it is obvious… just obvious.

with huge respect to Envato and what you guys do, Roman

Hi there: -

  1. Envato provides a global platform to market digital items and so they have to be checked for quality and consistent content attributes
  2. Review time is determined by what is in the queue and the big push of many new items created a huge backlog for the team to process (re. point 1)
  3. Envato is a mature platform - Collis’ recent “Roadmap” illustrates this
  4. Producing a quality portfolio takes time (me personally nearly 4 years and still developing)

All the best. :slight_smile:

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man. i respect you and your badges and level etc etc.

but these are again “generic” words. and explanations.

if you read carefully what i wrote above, you will see that this article has to do smth with “Special Circumstance”- some new Cop Off not to follow the Reviewal queue time. Back in a day, i had enother problem with an item in a list, “An Error Occured, please contact support”. and when i DID contact support, it gave me another GENERIC answer, a CopyPaste from the F.A.Q, which i dont really need…)) I had to write there a ticket again, and it all took like 3-4 days+ to the 30 dats queue for them to check this Errored item…

then they have another stuff called “Held for further review”, which is OK, but still…

All the authors have DIFFERENT speed producing, and there are different genres of music. If i decide to produce Jazz or Fusion, it would probably take me like 1 week or a month)) but im doing a bit different music. What i’m saying is, If Envato Puts the items on a HOLD, they should at least let know the people, what are the approximate TIMES of the reviewal of those HELD items. Instead, they are just giving and spreading away some generic cop offs most of the times.

And in the end, i read the CEO article, i do not argue the Achievements of Envato and i love it and i like it, i make myself living here partually. That’s all true. But In the article you are speaking about he also mentioned, there is STILL MANY NARROW PLACES in Envato that has to be fixed.


2 weeks ago, I waited for the consideration of “special circumstances”. I waited for ~ 3 months and 10 days … I think that if you got the “special circumstances”, will be more profitable to remove all their positions and re-download (for a few days …) … Its realy hard… Good luck !!!

WHAAAT? 3 MONTH? I thought it would take 1-3 days!.. thats just ridiculous!!! i will bombard the support… i can proof authency of every single item there…

what really stinks is that i only have 101 items, and i know people with 800+items, and they are OK

Im sorry, but its true… Good luck… (3 month from download…)

did you contact support? do they do this “contamination” to the new items that i will just upload now???

Support - Standard formal reply…