sp page builder ask for email and license key

Hey I purchase fortune template with page buider facility. It ask for email and license key.


Please see this Help Center article on how to find your purchase code:


Hello @iab_connect

You can contact to author for support


I have checked for that but these license for template not for sp page builder pro. how can i use it in my joomla template.

You cannot activate bundled plugins. They will still work as intended, You just can’t activate auto updates etc


You can purchase it. It is paid extension and author can’t share license with you.


But its not good that in promotion you have to show that sp page builder available and when purchased, you said its paid. Thats wrong promotion. why we buy joomla templates ig page builder paid.

It should be available and work - you just can’t “activate” or register or for automatic updates etc. it should still work as interned beyond that

when you click on add section while add new item. It ask for Email and lisense key.

Your best option is to contact the author

The SP Page Builder license is only good for automatic updates and to access the Joomshaper library, and the authors deliver SP Page Builder only to work with the template they sell and for that the license is not needed. Not even those from Joomshaper give you the SP Page builder license when you buy only template. So if you want to use the Page Page builder to build your own projects starting from the templates from the joomshaper library you must buy a license.

Maybe it’s not what you wanted to hear, but that’s how it works.