Sound library of Shouts, screams and other - advice needed

Good day to all! Please advise the library with human exclamations (hey, go, etc.). Similar to Splash Sound - Indie Voices. Splash Sound - Indie Voices. Vocal library for KONTAKT. Extended Review. - YouTube
Thanks in advance! :wink:

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@ICH_Production .

Self recording its a good place to start. Record as many tracks as possible , then pitch them up and down till you get the crowd vibe. Splice is another solution, is subscription based but the downside is that is overused . My advice is : take your time and record your own samples.


Thanks for the answer! It is clear that you can and should make samples yourself, but sometimes there is no way to do this for one reason or another. So I’m asking if there are any alternatives. :slight_smile:

@ICH_Production . Agree. That’s why i mentioned Splice. There are several libraries which contains shouts and chants and yells, and most of them are included in Splice libraries.

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Thank you!