Sample pack/Kontakt library for acoustic claps and stomps.

Hey fellow authors!

Besides of SMACK are there any other good libraries for acoustic claps and stomps samples?

I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

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You have a good selection coming with Omnisphere 2, but IMO it’s way better to have a decent recording chain and track your own claps/stomps/sounds. If you want to stand out in this crowed place, having your own sounds helps a bit.

SMACK is the most popular library for that needs, but i recommend you to check " Boot+Claps" sample pack from (sorry, not Kontakt library)

+1 for smack

@pietrogirardi in Omnisphere 2? Where? In which category?

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They embedded a great old library called “heart of africa” in Omnisphere 2 - just dive through it or try a research with “stomp” and “clap” and see what comes out.

@pietrogirardi Hmm but it’s not included in Omnisphere 2, right? I can’t find it. Do I have to buy it separately?