How to get this type of vocal?!!

How do you record/program this type of ‘indie-sh’ vocal? Any tips on recording? Kontakt library recommendations, mixing etc.? Thanks!

You could try Arcade by Output. They have an instrument called ‘hooked’.

Annoyingly, it’s another dreaded monthly subscription deal with no option to purchase it outright. They’re doing a month free trial, but annoyingly again, they require your card details and it’s a ‘don’t forget to cancel if you don’t like it or you’ll be charged’ Amazon Prime type thing.
I’ve not tried it, but here’s the link:

Here’s another option:
I’ve not tried it, so I can’t vouch for that one either.

You’ve got to give them Kudos for the box artwork. I’m considering purchasing it, just so that I can write them an angry email saying that I never received my box and all I got was a download link. :grin:


Wow! The Indie Voices are really cheap. However it doesn’t sound natural but maybe a few reverbs and compression plus some tweaking may do the trick.
The Arcade stuff looks quite versatile with a lot of sounds. I’m gonna try it and see how it sounds.

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Damn this is perfect!!