Sound-FX Software for MAC ?


Hi there,

could anyone tell me which software is used to create sound effects like they are used in Movies (e.g. Transformers)?

I think it works like this:
They record a sound from maybe a casual home-printer, and than toss it through some compressor’s and effect-software to create these special-sound-fx. Am I right?

Does anyone know some software like that, especially for MAC?



Like most Professional Level applications for the Mac, your best bet is to stay with Apple or Adobe software (ie SoundCut Pro or Adobe or Adobe SoundBooth) there is also the apps made by Bias (

You can save time by purchasing the sounds, Hollywood Edge ( or Sound Idea’s ( I think are the industry standard for professional quality sounds. Digital Juice also has a nice sound collection.

But if you are intrested in creating the sounds vs using them, I would start with your hardware first, you need a high end audio card/system (not saying a extremely expensive, since most professional level “home studio” cards use the same conversion chip) but you are probably looking at a $350-$450 price range plus the software. Like the E-MU 1616 PCI or something to that effect (like Lynxes Sound Systems), but these are for PC’s, not really sure about Macs and what is offered as a good Sound Home Studio (can you upgrade the sound system in a Mac?)

Anyway hope this helps…


Did a little google search for Mac hardware, check out and their mbox2, looks pretty intresting…


you want a kyma capybara system…


Digidesign Pro Tools… There is nothing better.


Thanks for your help so far!
I am using a Macbook Pro, not sure if the audiosystem can be updated. Just via external hardware I assume.

And thanks for the links Spider, I’ll check’em out!
But I am more interested in creating the sounds myself.

I found the software REASON from! Looks pretty interesting! But I’ll also check digidesign!

Thank u guys so far!


If you’re using a mac, why don’t you invest in the software designed for apple specifically by apple( I think). It’s called Logic Pro. It’s on apple dot com. But, if you are specifically searching for a software that allows you to change voices to make them sound like transformers, do a search for “vocoder” on google. I’m sure that there are plenty of sites that will show you exactly what it is capable of.


I have had some good experiences creating sounds using realtime effect plug-ins from:

I use them with Pro Tools.


philo, the means of creating the sound and the means of getting the sound recorded are pretty separate which means you can use any regular DAW (digital audio workstation) as long as you’ve got a couple of microphones and a way of getting the mic signal into your computer (a digital interface like the M-box, a cheap mixer with phantom power like those Behringer offers, or even a dynamic mic that doesn’t require extra power with an adapter that’ll fit into your computer’s line input).

For some free software suggestions try “this post”: and if you need a few affordable mics, “this post”: might be your ticket.

Good luck!


Thank you guys for your support!

I am actually not trying to change a voice or to copy the voices of the transformers. More I’d like to produce the special-sound-effect, used when they transform, fight and so on, it only was an example :slight_smile:

The idea is, I want to use these sound-fx in flashintros I made with AfterEffects and stuff.
I’m also planning to create some house-music stuff.

And yess, Apple applications might be good, but Logic is not really what I am looking for.

The thing with the mic I brought up was just a thought about how they maybe have done these effects. I have no idea so I was actually hoping someone of you guys could tell me :slight_smile:
By the way Behringer provides stunning products!! looks quite interesting, but I cant find any samples, unfortuantely…


Glad you’re a Behringer fan too, philo. :wink: They’re great for the price range.