Sound Fx and music for motion graphics project


Hello everyone! We’re starting a mainly informative project about traffic signs that’s based on motion graphic animations of the said signs. We’re looking for machine sound effects to match with the animations and a background score that’s discreet, but interesting enough so that it keeps the animation going. Something along the lines of this -

Can you help us? Thank you very much in advance for all your help!


Share video and I’ll try to match machine sfx


What’s your budget IFT_FILMS?


Hi, “CORPOMOTION” - very motion fo motion graphics :slight_smile:



It’d be best if I/we can see the actual video, or at least the parts that need sound effects. Actually, that’s the only way we can match the sounds to your video. Otherwise, you can look at my portfolio, maybe you can find something suitable.


Maybe this?



Hi IFT_FILMS,Please check my Portfolio

Thankyou IFT_FILMS:slight_smile:


look at my portfolio, it most desired music :slight_smile:


Hi IFT_FILMS, may be this track will fit your needs, it’s slower, but in the same mood


try this collection

and these songs in particular: